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cw_pansy's Journal

Pansy Parkinson
14 February
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Full Name: Penthesilea Sainfoin Parkinson

Birthdate: February 14

House: Slytherin

Year Level: Graduate

Pets (if any): None. Hermione has killed them all.

Physical Description: Quite short, about 5'4" but it's something that's rarely noticed on her. Dark hair, hazel-eyed, eyes tend to be brown when unhappy, green when unsettled. Has an extremely low voice for a girl of her years- it's quite husky. Quite ugly when angry- she screws up her face and wrinkles her nose, often giving her the appearance of a miffed pug.

Personality: Bitch. Has grown quietly vicious of late but is working herself back up to a furor.

Bloodline: Pure. Descended from the Notts on her mother's side.

Background / Family History:

The Parkinson family consists of the following members:
Edward Parkinson (Ravenclaw)
Elisabeth Nott-Parkinson (Slytherin) - whereabouts unknown
Ajax (Jack) Parkinson (Ravenclaw) - deceased
Penthesilea (Pansy) Parkinson (Slytherin)

The Parkinsons were a pureblooded family with roots in all of the ancient houses. When the Dark Lord rose, Edward and Elisabeth stayed neutral, too concerned with the health of their sick 11-year old son and only male heir to the line, Jack.

Pansy was 2 when her brother's health took a turn for the worse and he finally died. Edward went to Albus Dumbledore and offered anything should he bring Jack back to life, even the life of his daughter. Albus told him gently that is was not within his power. He had done his best to console the family- bringing Pansy a kitten after the service- but Edward barred him from the manor.

It was then that Edward took his son's body to Voldemort. Voldemort was able to breathe life into the boy but only for one day and that was a day Pansy never forgot. Voldemort claimed it was because the body was not fresh; Edward believed him and swore the lives of himself and his family into service.

Elisabeth was never happy with this vow and slowly this, combined with the death of her son, made her a ghost of her former self. She ignored Pansy, who was raised largely by a series of neglectful nurses and cowering house elves. Edward followed her lead, never touching the girl and rarely talking to her, until after she had entered Hogwarts.

Pansy spent a lot of her childhood wandering the moors of Scotland alone as a result. The only other children nearby were Muggles and they sensed an oddness about her. It was this that made them taunt her madly and make her days when caught by them a living hell. Her only companion of youth was Draco, who came to the Manor when brought by his mother Narcissa, to visit with Elisabeth, her old school friend.

And so things proceeded until when she was 15, her mother seemed to regain a bit of the self she had lost. Not long thereafter, she disappeared. Pansy was told by Edward that her mother had abandoned them, something that led to a lot of resentment on her part.

Pansy currently is wavering between light and dark sides, living with Ron Weasley as she does so.

Interests / Hobbies:

likes ancient literature (think Greek drama, not too hot on the Romans); being nasty to people; divination; fighting for whatever cause she can dig up

Strengths and weaknesses:

strengths: strong will, ability to bully or manipulate people into doing what she wants. weaknesses: love for her father, need to be accepted by her peers, uncontrollable anger, stubbornness, pride

Disclaimer: This is a character for the Kelly Street RPG. I do not own or profit from her. JK Rowling owns all the rights. The photos are of Amy Lee, because I am trite like all the other Pansies out there and I do not own any rights associated with his/her likeness.